A Biblical worldview is our foundation for education.

Our Stance

Our Mission

The mission of Cornerstone Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered environment for students to achieve academic excellence.

Our Commitment

Our unwavering commitment is to provide an educational environment that consistently operates from a Biblical world view.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of Cornerstone Christian School is to provide an opportunity for children to study in a Christ-centered academic environment, as follows:

  • To achieve a high standard of academics, to encourage students to think clearly, logically, independently, creatively, and to develop an appreciation for and enjoyment of learning.
  • To develop Godly character qualities by interweaving the principles of God’s Word pertaining to each subject of study.
  • To develop a strong sense of patriotism; and an appreciation for a loyalty to the principles upon which our nation was founded.
  • To maintain disciplined classrooms that will be conducive to learning.
  • To provide an atmosphere of genuine love and concern for the students so that each student can reach his or her full potential.
  • To create an understanding and appreciation of the fine arts.
  • To promote recreational skills that will encourage physical fitness and development.